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Tai Chi/Qi Gong Day at Miller Park, April 29, 2017

TaiChi/QiQong Day 2017
I have found you to be far and away better as a teacher than the other instructors I tried. Though they are fine for those who want the "activity" for better relaxation and health, I found you are the one instructor that goes deeper and not just leads through the motions but is able to give me a full body, mind, spirit experience. Which is exactly what I was looking for. I really like how you immerse yourself into the Tai Chi yourself, taking students along with you, modeling how to best experience the exercise - not just staying on the surface and instructing us on just how to move our bodies.

TaiChi/QiQong day 2017

Tai Chi/Qi Gong Day at Boot Road Park, April 30, 2016


Posted by United Tai Chi on Tuesday, April 2, 2013