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Movement is life. Life is movement.

“Words can explain things, but the body speaks.”

Grandmaster Wei Lun Huang spoke these wise words one wonderful morning on retreat in Wakulla Springs, Florida during a Qigong session as the sun was rising.

Together the Chinese martial arts entitled Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi are portals to explore the innermost aspects of your own being and experience a sensation of complete connection to your immediate environment. When practiced as a process of physical exercise and spiritual healing, one can relax the mind to feel the body as a unity.

Every single cell of your body comes together in unison. Emerging the harmony of energy inside each individual cell brings a state of homeostasis. The object of development in practicing the Internal Arts is sensitivity. As you constantly work to relax all the muscles you will feel the internal energy following the pathways of the nervous system. The breath must become the central focus to calm the mind and body. The natural rhythm of the body pulses and senses the flow of energy in the internal channels connecting the organism together.

The Internal Arts are unique because the focus of study includes both a healing and martial perspective. The realization of this polarity and perceiving its relationship creates a solid groundwork for our practice. The integration of internal energies and the sensation of unity emphasize conscious intention in anything and everything we are doing.

The key is finding joy in discipline.


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